China Top OTR Tyre Manufacturer

Bonway tyre manufacture and supply all kinds of OTR (off the road) Tyres, including Radial OTR tyre, Bias OTR tyres for all construction & industrial needs.

  • in Tyre industry more than 15 years
  • Professional Knowledge for OTR Tyres
  • Quality warranty for every OTR tyre
  • Wide application for OTR tyres

OTR (Off the Road) Tyre, Earthmover Tyre & Industrial Tyres-BONWAY

OTR Tyes which is short for OFF the Road Tyres which is widely used in earthmovers, dump trucks, indusrial vehicles, loaders, dozers, skidsteers, port, mining areas.

OTR tyres have 2 type structure, RADIAL & BIAS. Both have good application. Radial OTR tyres are with all steel structure. BIAS is Nylon OTR tyres with nylon inside the tyre body.

China Radial OTR Tyres, Crane Tyres, Giant OTR Tyres Top Manufactuer

Radial OTR tyres is widely used in crane, loader, mining, industrial, construction areas, the tyre with super strong anti-puncture & cut/chip resistance performance. We have full wide range for OTR sizes and wholesale prices OTR tyes.

giant otr tyre

Radial Giant OTR Tyre E4 Pattern, top high quality excellent traction and good wear resistance, long working hours. Avaliable sizes are in 2700R49, 3300R51, 37.00R57, 47.00R57, 46/90R57 .

radial otr hk1

Radial OTR Tyre L3/E3/G3 is designed with super traction and unique anti-aging formula, the tyre has long haulage services hours. Extra deep tread pattern. Avaliable sizes are in 17.5R25 20.5R25 23.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25.


radial otr hk203

Radial OTR Crane Tyre is with unique tread compound which provides high grip catching capabilities and super abrasion ability. Avaliable Sizes in 1400R25 1600R25 mobile Crane OTR application.

radial OTR hk206

Radial OTR Tyre E4 is with agressive tread block design which provides good traction power and anti-puncture performance for OTR tyres. widely applied in contruction and building areas. Avaliable sizes are in 1300R25 1400R25.

Radial OTR Tyre L5

Radial OTR Tyre L5 is with robust carcas with wide application, the unique formula give the tyre strong power in super cut & anti-puncture performance. Avaliable Sizes are in 20.R25 23.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25.

Radial OTR Tyre L5S

Radial OTR Tyre L5S is with extra deep tread formula and tyre has longer working hours. Inner heating up is minimized and cut & chunking resistance is greatly enhanced. Avaliable sizes are in 17.5R25 23.5R25 26.5R25.


BIAS OTR Tyre, Forklift Tyre, Agricultural Tractor Tyres, Mining Tyre Supplier

We manufacture and export a full range of bias otr tyre, forklift, skidsteer Tyres, farm tractor tyres, earthmover tires. wholesale prices. Quality warranty.

  • BM168 OTR TYRE

    BW168 OTR E3/L3 Tyre is engineered with wide application in mining, construction, works all wheel position. Long working hours. Strong Bearing ability. Available sizes in 8.25-16 16/70-20, 16/70-24, 20.5/70-16, etc.


    Forest King Tyre pattern is designed for 1200-24 forestry applicaiton. The tyre is with Strong bearing capacity Wear, heat, cutting, puncture and tear resistance Strong ground grip and tractive performance.

  • BW568

    Forklift Tyre BW568 is expert forklift tyre. Classic pattern. Very long servicing life. Good performance at rough road conditions. Strong cut/chip resistance. Avaliable sizes in 28×9-15NHS/8.15-15NHS & 6.50-10 NHS.

  • BW502 OTR TYRE

    BW502 OTR Tire is designed for short distance OTR vehicles mining, contrustion application. Unique compound for OTR tread, good wear resistance and longer working hours.  Avaliable sizes are in 1400-20 1400-24 1400-25 1300-25

  • BW701 AGR R1

    BW701 is expert tractor farm traction tires. Good traction ability in fields. Super wear resistance and long servicing hours. Popular in Sudan, American countries. Availabe sizes are in 5.00-12, 6.00-12, 13.6/12-38;

  • LTT302

    The tyre pattern design is with Superior buffering performance & good Wear and skid resistance. Available sizes are in ST175/80D13 ST205/75D14 ST205/75D15 ST225/75D15;

  • motor tyres bw313

    Motorcycle & tricycle BW313 pattern is designed with Good handling performance, good anti-skid. Good traction performance and braking performance. For more detail sizes and patterns, welcome inquiry.

  • tractor tires front farm

    LTT806 Farm tractor front tyres is designed for 7.50-16 farm tractor steering position. The tyres have good handling performance, good application in unpaved roads.

Bonway OTR Tyres Most Popular Products

Bonway has regular shipments for OTR tires to the world, Snow radial OTR tyres, popular brands are AEOLUS, DOUBLE COIN, BOTO, TRANSMATE, HILO, ADVANCE, etc..

  • boto radial otr GCD3

    BOTO BRAND High quality TIRE 23.5R25 GCD3 otr tyre, all tyres have 5 years quality warranty. Unique radial formula, for wheel loader, grader, good traction performance. Long servicing hours.


    High quality Radial OTR BOTO GCA1 pattern is with superb performance at loading, widely applied in construction, building sites, dozer, other equipments. superior traction. Very good stability.


    Radial Dump truck tyre 1400R20 BT169 is very good traction in sand sahara conditions. Special compound which gives the tyre stability in tough road conditions.


    BOTO Snow OTR Tires G3/L3 pattern.  is with superior good traction tyres, available in sizes 17.5R25 20.5R25. Optimized grooves make the tyre with strong self-cleaning functions. Working very well in snow winter season.

BONWAY OTR Tires Features

various designs
Multiple Choices

Bonway manufacture and supply a good porforlio brands like DOUBLE COIN, AEOLUS, ADVANCE, TRANSMATE, HILO, BOTO, etc..

competitive prices
Competitive Prices

BONWAY always give best prices based on the OTR tire quality and cost. We pursuing a best balance between quality and price.

quality warranty
Added Value

We bring quality OTR tires to the clients and also we have strong after-sales technician for OTR tyres. Our tyre partners no need to worry about the after-sales.

added service
Quality Warranty

We have good quality warranty for OTR tires. Every radial tyre is warranty for at least 3 years. And for BIAS tires, the working hours can be 60000 hours.

Bonway Radial & Giant OTR Production

BONWAY OTR radial & Giant OTR production is taking advanced tire equipments and make sure every tyre is well checked before delivery to the world market.

OTR production Line
otr tyre working 670x380

BONWAY OTR Tyres Working in Tough Conditions

BONWAY OTR Tyres Working in Tough Conditions, mining, construction, demolition, wherever the OTR tires in need, we give the best solution for you.

Bonway OTR High Quality and Reliable Service

bonway otr stock-1
bonway otr stock-2

Bonway OTR for High Quality and Reliable Service, mobile crane, on & off roads, Port Equipments, loader, Grader, dozer, construction, industrial applications, etc..

BONWAY OTR Provides Quality Products

double coin rotr

DOUBLE COIN OTR Tire manufacturer which is top in China tire factories and the brand tyres have good traction, reliable performance, anti-puncture, anti-wear resistance, Tyres have good application in transporting rock, sand, mud, construction debris..


Hilo brand is well trusted and proven radial otr which makes a good balance between price and stable quality. It provides a complete series of sizes and patterns for radial OTR.

OTR Tires Application

wheel loader
Wheel Loader, Construction

For wheel loaders, skidsteers, they are widely used in construciton areas which need to move the stones, demolition debris, sand, rock, etc..Both radial & nylon structure are in demands.

Mining Application

Mining for metal, steel, gold, etc. requires good performance OTR tyres, E3/L3, E4, L5 patterns are popular, both radial & nylon are in good demands. Sizes are like 15.5-25 17.5r25 20.5r25 23.5 26.5 29.5-25

Mobile Crane OTR tires

Mobile Crane Tyres are widely used in project construction, 1400R24 1400R25 1600R25 are widely used in mobile cranes. Good durable performance, anti wear resistance and long servicing hours.

bonway otr tyre_1910x550
Bonway-Your Reliable OTR Tyre Manufatcturer & Supplier from China



Application Size Patterns TRA Code Ply Rating Tread Depth
TT/TL Service
TTF Weight(Kg) QNT/40HC
Crane 505/95R25 CRA01 H2 ★★★ 26.0 TL 186E 310.00 50
ADTs, Loaders, and Dozers 17.5R25 LD01 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 28.0 TL 182A2/167B 172.00 80
20.5R25 LD01 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 32.0 TL 193A2/177B 248.50 49
23.5R25 LD01 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 35.0 TL 201A2/185B 333.00 40
26.5R25 LD01 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 40.0 TL 209A2/193B 450.00 35
29.5R25 LD01 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 40.0 TL 216A2/200B 560.00 24
17.5R25 LD02 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 28.0 TL 182A2/167B 172.00 80
20.5R25 LD02 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 32.0 TL 193A2/177B 248.50 49
23.5R25 LD02 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 35.0 TL 201A2/185B 334.00 40
26.5R25 LD02 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 40.0 TL 209A2/193B 450.00 35
29.5R25 LD02 E3/L3/G3 ★★ 40.0 TL 216A2/200B 555.00 24
17.5R25 LD03 L5 63.0 TL 176A2 231.00 80
20.5R25 LD04 L5 ★★ 76.5 TL 193A2/177B 360.00 49
23.5R25 LD04 L5 ★★ 85.0 TL 201A2/185B 507.00 40
26.5R25 LD04 L5 ★★ 95.0 TL 209A2/193B 719.00 35
29.5R25 LD04 L5 ★★ 95.0 TL 216A2/200B 905.00 24
35/65R33 LD04 L5 ★★ 96.0 TL 224A2/207B 1170.00 18
17.5R25 LD05 L3 ★★ 27.0 TL 182A2/167B 80
20.5R25 LD05 L3 ★★ 30.0 TL 193A2/177B 49
23.5R25 LD05 L3 ★★ 33.0 TL 201A2/185B 40
26.5R25 LD05 L3 ★★ 37.0 TL 209A2/193B 35
29.5R25 LD05 L3 ★★ 43.0 TL 216A2/200B 24
26.5R25 ADT01 E4 ★★ 52.0 TL 193B 494.00 35
29.5R25 ADT01 E4 ★★ 57.0 TL 200B 615.00 24
29.5R25 ADT02 E4 ★★ 65.0 TL 216A2/200B 631.00 24
Graders 14.00R24 GRA01 G2 25.5 TL 153 A8 124.00 114
17.5R25 GRA01 G2 27.0 TL 153 A8 158.00 80
Underground 17.5R25 UG01 L5S ★★ 76.5 TL 182A2/167B 313.50 80
23.5R25 UG01 L5S ★★ 87.0 TL 201A2/185B 576.00 40
26.5R25 UG01 L5S ★★ 95.0 TL 209A2/193B 818.00 35
18.00R25 UG01 L5S ★★★ 80.0 TL 206A2/189B 526.00 40
29.5R29 UG01 L5S ★★ 40.0 TL 2218A2/202B 0.00 24
Mining Trucks 13.00R25 HK206 E3 ★★★ 33.0 TT 182A2/163B 160.82 135
14.00R25 HK208 E3 ★★★ 27.0 TT 188A2/169B 187.82 98
14.00R25 HK208 E3 ★★★ 27.0 TL 188A2/169B 179.00 98
14.00R25 HK208 PRO E3 ★★★ 28.0 TT 188A2/169B 192.82 98
14.00R25 HK208 PRO E3 ★★★ 28.0 TL 188A2/169B 184.00 98
14.00R25 HK207 E3 ★★★ 27.0 TT 188A2/169B 187.82 98
14.00R25 HK207 E3 ★★★ 27.0 TL 188A2/169B 179.00 98
14.00R25 HK202 E3 ★★★ 30.0 TT 188A2/169B 191.82 98
14.00R25 HK202 E3 ★★★ 30.0 TL 188A2/169B 183.00 98
16.00R25 HK207 E3 ★★★ 31.0 TT 198A2/180B 273.60 60
16.00R25 HK207 E3 ★★★ 31.0 TL 198A2/180B 261.00 60
16.00R25 HK208 E3 ★★★ 31.0 TT 198A2/180B 273.60 60
16.00R25 HK208 E3 ★★★ 31.0 TL 198A2/180B 261.00 60
16.00R25 HK205 E4 ★★★ 42.0 TT 198A2/180B 295.60 60
16.00R25 HK205 E4 ★★★ 42.0 TL 198A2/180B 283.00 60
RDT 18.00R33 RDT01 E4 ★★ 52.0 TL 191B 450.00 38
21.00R35 RDT01 E4 ★★ 59.0 TL 201B 650.00 26
24.00R35 RDT01 E4 ★★ 66.0 TL 209B 845.00 22
27.00R49 RDT02 E4 ★★ 68.0 TL 223B 1350.00 12
33.00R51 RDT02 E4 ★★ 78.0 TL 235B 2160.00 8
37.00R57 RDT02 E4 ★★ 86.0 TL 245B 3150.00 6
40.00R57 RDT02 E4 ★★ 86.0 TL 250B 3650.00 6
46/90R57 RDT02 E4 ★★ 96.0 TL 252B 3950.00 6


  • “BONWAY OTR Team is very professional, they always give us quality genuine OTR tires, the long servicing hours and competitive prices makes our clients happy with the mining and construction work, thank you guys!”

    Alex from Egypt
  • “We purchase Radial OTR Tires from Bonway 5 years ago, we keep buying, they can always meet our demands and quality is truly guarantee, the loading is also professional way, highly recommend!”

    Daniel from Thailand
  • “BONWAY OTR team has strong R&D ability and good sourcing ability, we purchase giant OTR tire sizes 2700R49 3300R51 from them, the tyres are super good, never regret working with Bonway”

    Sergy from Uzbekstan

Import China OTR mining, Earthmover Tire, Skidsteer Tyres Ultimate Guide

If you want to know more how to import otr tyres, forklift tyre, industrial tires from China, how is the quality, payment terms, prices, quality warranty, keep reading.

What is your Shipping terms?


What is your payment terms for OTR tires?

30% deposit by T.T. and balance paid against copy of B/L;

100% irrevocable L/C at sight;

What quality warranty do you have for OTR tires?

The quality warranty for OTR tires depends on the structure: radial/nylon. Usually for radial otr, we have quality warranty for 3 years and for BIAS OTR tires, the service life can be 60,000 hours.

Can we mix OTR tires with other sizes tyres or auto parts?

Yes, we have our own warehouse near Qingdao port, we can meet different customers loading request and normally we put tubes flap, car tyres inside OTR tires to save the freight cost and customs clearance cost.

What certificates do you have for OTR tires?

We have ISO, CCC, DOT,etc..

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