Pattern Characteristics:

  • Good traction and protection;
  • Stable, comfortable ride;
  • Special abrasion resistance with long lasting tread life;
  • Suitable for many conditions such as stone pit industry zone and underground mine
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Tire SizeStar RatingTread DepthLoad Index & Speed SymbolTRA CodeTube TypeStandard Rim (Rim Width & Flange)
23.5R252 star47mm201/185L4/E4Tubeless19.5/2.5
26.5R252 star57mm209/193L4/E4Tubeless22.0/3.0
295.R292 star60mm218/202L4/E4Tubeless25.00/3.5
35/65R332 star62.5mm224/207L4/E4Tubeless28.00/3.5
20.5R252 star72mm193L5Tubeless17.00/2.0
23.5R252 star78mm201L5Tubeless19.50/2.5
26.5R252 star87mm209L5Tubeless22.00/3.0
29.5R252 star95mm216L5Tubeless25.00/3.5
29.5R292 star95mm218L5Tubeless25.00/3.5
35/65R333 star97mm224L5Tubeless28.00/3.5

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