JOYROAD/CENTARA Truck Tires Manufacturer


JOYROAD/CENTARA TBR Tires are with nice looking design, a black horse in China tyre industry.



JOYROAD/CENTARA Truck Tyres are newly launched since 2019 which now are well know brand in global tire industry due to the stable quality, nice tyre appreance, competitive prices. Bonway has been exporting Joyroad & Centara truck tires regularly to Southeast Asian countries and Latin American countries.

JOYROAD Truck Tyres

JOYROAD Truck Tyres have good tyre appereance, reasonable prices and new brands offering market protection worldwide as long as you are sincere buyer and have sizable import quantity.

11R22.5 670X380


CENTARA TRUCK TIRES offers nice tyre patterns and the tyres have good performance at over loading, low noise, fuel effiency.


joyroad shipment -1

Joyroad/Centara truck tires have full prodution line for light truck tyres, Commercial Truck tires, low profile truck, Bus tires, etc..We have regular shipments to the global market.

JOYROAD/CENTARA Truck Tyres newly Released Products

12.00R20 ZA818(2)_500X500
ZA818 New 3 Lines

ZA818 is new 3 lines to update old 3 lines design. Now avaliable in sizes 315/80R2.5 1100R20 1200R20 truck tyres. New design, optimized tire strucutre, enhanced tyres performance.

ZD960 500X500

ZD690 is 3 block design which provides super strong traction. Now avalialbe in sizes 11R22.5 12R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 1200R24

ZD960 Mining Pattern

ZD960 mining pattern is strong tires with anti-puncture, anti-wear resistance performance. The tyres are super strong in mining, unpaved mix roads, avaliable in sizes 900R20 100R20 1100R20 1200R20

Joyroad Truck Tyres Help your Tyre business Grow

If you are looking new reliable truck tyre brand to hit market, try Joyroad.

JOYROAD/CENTARA Truck Tires Photos & Specifications

7.50R16LT 14PR ZA808 SD707 650
ZF153S SD703S 650
8.25R16LT 14PR ZA808 SD707 530
ZD635 SD735 530
9.00R20 16PR 144/142K ZA808 SD707 320
144/142J ZD605 SD710 320
144/142F ZD960 SD780 320
1000R20 18PR 149/146K ZA808 SD707 280
149/146J ZD625 SD730 280
149/146F ZD960 SD780 280
1100R20 18PR 152/149K ZA808 SD707 260
152/149K ZA818 SD708 260
152/149J ZD605 SD710 260
152/149J ZD625 SD730 260
152/149F ZD960 SD780 260
152/149F ZD970A
1200R20 20PR 156/153K ZA808 SD707 230
156/153K ZA818 SD708 230
156/153J ZD605 SD710 230
156/153J ZD615 SD720 230
156/153J ZD625 SD730 230
156/153J ZD625K
156/153K ZG828K
156/153F ZD980 SD760
156/153F ZD990 SD790
156/153F ZD990A SD790A
156/153F ZD960 SD780 230
156/153F ZD970
1200R24 20PR 160/157L ZA808 SD707 194
160/157L ZA155 SD705 194
160/157L ZD690 SD690 194
12R22.5 18PR 152/149J ZD169 SD719 240
152/149M ZF151 SD701 240
152/149L ZF152 SD702 240
152/149L ZF153S SD703S 240
152/149L ZA155 SD705 240
152/149L ZA156 SD706 240
152/149K ZD158 SD718 240
152/149L ZD159 SD709 240
152/149K ZD615 SD720 240
152/149L ZA818 SD708 240
152/149M ZA808 SD707 240
152/149L ZF152A
152/149L ZD160
295/60R22.5 18PR 150/147M ZF153 SD703 265
150/147M ZF153A SD703A 265
215/75R17.5 ZF153S SD703S
ZD159 SD709
235/75R17.5 ZF153S SD703S
ZD159 SD709
315/80R22.5 20PR 157/154L ZA808 SD707 246
157/154L ZA818 SD708 246
157/154L ZF153S SD703S 246
157/154L ZD159 SD709 240
157/154L ZD158 SD718 240
295/80R22.5 18PR 152/149L ZF153S SD703S 270
152/149L ZD159 SD709 256
152/149L ZD158 SD718 256
152/149L ZD690 SD690 256
11R22.5 16PR 146/143L ZF151 SD701 290
146/143L ZA808 SD707 284
146/143L ZD788 SD788 284
146/143L ZD690 SD690 284
146/143L ZD616 SD721 284
11R24.5 16PR 149/146L ZF151 SD701 252
149/146L ZD788 SD788 252
385/65R22.5 20PR 160K ZA750 SD750 200
13R22.5 20PR 157/154J ZD158 226
157/154J ZD615
157/154K ZA818
157/154K ZA156 226


  • “We have been buying Joyroad truck tyre from BONWAY since last year, it’s reliable good tyres with reasonable offers, especially 12R22.5 11R22.5 1100R20 1200R20 give us many popular choices”

    James from Philipines
  • “We are working withe CENTARA brand truck tyres from BONWAY and we already made many shipments, Centara light truck tyres and 12R22.5 295/80R22.5 works well in our local market. thanks Bonway work!”

    Kevin from Bolivia
  • “we are working with JOYROAD brand truck tyres now and we are happy with BONWAY team professional knowledge and loading in tyre industry, everytime, they give us good advices and help our business grow. Truly good team, thank you Bonway”

    Mohit Jan from Mauritius
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