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Bonway Industrial Tires manufacture and supply all kinds of high quality forklift and industrial tires.



BONWAY Industrial Tires Manufacturer from China

Industrial Tires are designed for a complete set of vehicles which working for skidsteer, Forklift, Backhoe Loader, Compactor, and Military applications. Bonway Inudstrial tires are manufactured under highest strict norms and we give good quality warranty and competitive prices.

BONWAY Industrial Tires full Sizes and Patterns

BONWAY industrial tires have various sizes and patterns to meet different request of markets.

R3 C3 E7

R3 C3 E7 is classic tyre pattern for Compactor using and avaliable sizes are 23.1-26 18.4-26


BW718 is military tyre and avaliable size is12.5-20

BONWAY Industrial Tires Features

added service
Strong R&D

BONWAY industrial Tires have strong research and development team and always improve the tyres performance constantly.

various designs
Innovation & Technology

BONWAY industrial Tires have good Innovation & Technology advantages. We make sure every tyre is manufactured with strong technological support.

competitive prices
Competitive Prices

BONWAY industrial tires have good prices and can save at least 30% compared to similiar peformance well known brands.

quality warranty
Added Value

We can mix with other tyre sizes and mix loading with other items if the importer have from China.

BONWAY INDUSTRIAL Tires Manufacturered by Advanced Equipments

BONWAY industrial tires are produced with high quality raw materials and with advanced equipments.

sailmax tires_670x380

BONWAY Industrial Tires Have Multiple Sizes and Patterns

BONWAY industrial Tires covers full range of sizes and patterns.

Bonway Industrial Forklift Tires (Solid, Penumatic)

pneumatic forklift tires 570x360
presson solid tires 570x360
570x360 forklift tires
forklift tires 570x360

BONWAY Industrial Tires provide full set of forklift tyres, solid, pneumatic. The tyres have unique formula and strong durability and anti cutting performance.

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We provide complete tyre solutions. Bonway will do the best to provide high quality tyres at most cost-effective prices!

Bonway Industrial Tires Photos & Sizes

15*4.5-8 3.00 BW-602 1800 9.60
4.00-8 3.00 BW-601 1500 12.20
5.00-8 3.00 BW-601 1012 18.00
16*6-8 4.33 BW-601 1124 14.40
18*7-8 4.33 856 20.80
6.00-9 4.00 BW-601 624 27.80
7.00-9 5.00 BW-601 438 32.20
21*8-9 6.00 BW-601/BW-604 528 33.40
6.50-10 5.00 BW-601 480 36.60
23*9-10 6.50 BW-601/BW-604 374 50.00
200/50-10 6.50 BW-601 758 24.60
7.00-12 5.00 BW-601 360 45.00
8.25-12 5.00 BW-601 274 64.60
23*10-12 8.00 BW-601 352 51.00
27*10-12 8.00 BW-604 256 67.40
5.50-15/6.00-15 4.50 BW-606 480 37.00
7.00-15 5.50 BW-601 280 57.00
7.50-15 5.50/6.00 BW-601 260 70.00
28*9-15 7.00 BW-601 276 63.00
28*12.5-15 9.75 BW-601 83.20
250-15 7.00 BW-601 232 66.00
300-15 8.00 BW-601 142 99.00
8.25-15 6.50 BW-601 186 86.80
6.50-16 5.50 BW-601 266 50.00
7.50-16 6.00 BW-601 190 75.40
8.25-16 6.00 BW-601 186 93.80
9.00-16 6.50 BW-601 154 103.00
12.00-16 8.00 BW-601 136 128.00
8.25-20 6.50 BW-601 142 115.00
9.00-20 7.00 BW-601 110 123.00
10.00-20 7.5/8.0 BW-601 96 186.00
11.00-20 8.00 BW-601 80 186.00
12.00-20 8.0/8.5 BW-601 80 225.00







FAQS about importing Industrial Tires from China

Industrial tires including forklift tires, skidsteer tires, backhoe loader tires, Compactor Tires, Military Tires which are widely used in all kinds of construction, mining, port areas. BONWAY provide full range of forklift tires. If you want to know about the delivery time, quality and prices level of industrial tires, please keep reading.

What is your shipping terms for Industrial tires?

FOB, CIF, CFR, DDP, DDU, etc..

What is delivery time for BONWAY industrial Tires?

For regular sizes we have reasonable stock for faster delivery. If sizes not have stock, then we will arrange new production after deposit, normally can deliver within 15 days.

BONWAY Industrial Tires have quality warranty?

Yes, all Industrial tyres supplied by BONWAY have quality warranty for 2 years.

Can we mix industrial tires with other sizes tyres?

Yes, we can mix industrial tires with truck tires, passenger car tires, OTR tires, etc..

What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1*20ft, we can mix different sizes into the container. But most tyre importers order 1*40HQ at least which is more competitive in terms of shipping.

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