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China Manufacturer

Double Coin is Top high quality China tyre brand you can fully trust.

  • Long history Famous Tire brand
  • Superior performance Tires covering TBR, OTR, Tractor Agricultural Tires
  • dozer
  • RLB468
  • RR9
  • RR215
  • RR738
  • dozer
  • RLB468
  • RR9
  • RR215
  • RR738

DOUBLE COIN Truck Tyre OTR Tires Light Truck Tyre: 9R22.5 10R22.5 215/75R17.5 235/75R17.5 425/65R22.5 12R22.5 1400R25 1400R24 1600R25 23.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25

Double Coin has full tyre produciton line which covers truck, bus, industrial, Off The Road, Agricultural applications and all positions. “Driven the World Over” is slogan of Double Coin tires. The quality is truly proven in world tyre market. It can compete well know premium brands.

  • Superior Value
  • Strong Performance
  • Over loading
  • Warranty Tyres
  • Longer milage
  • Good Retreablitiy

Double Coin TBR sizes and have more, welcome for more inquiries.

Size Model PLY Load and speed index Brand
8.25R15 RT-500 18 143J DOUBLE COIN
10.00R15 RT-500 18 148J DOUBLE COIN
8.25R16 RR-500 14 128L DOUBLE COIN
10R17.5 RT-500 16 143L DOUBLE COIN
215/75R17.5 RT-500 16 135J DOUBLE COIN
225/75R17.5 RT-500 16 129M DOUBLE COIN
245/70R17.5 RT-500 18 143J DOUBLE COIN
265/70R19.5 RT-500 14 137M DOUBLE COIN
265/70R19.5 RR-660 16 143J DOUBLE COIN
285/70R19.5 RT-500 20 150J DOUBLE COIN
385/55R19.5 RR-905 18 156J DOUBLE COIN
435/50R19.5 RR-905 20 160J DOUBLE COIN
445/45R19.5 RR-905 20 160J DOUBLE COIN
9R22.5 RR-800 14 136L DOUBLE COIN
10R22.5 RR-400 16 144M DOUBLE COIN
13R22.5 RLB-200+ 18 154K DOUBLE COIN
13R22.5 RR-9  18 154M DOUBLE COIN
295/60R22.5 RR-202 16 150L DOUBLE COIN
295/60R22.5 RLB-450 16 150L DOUBLE COIN
315/60R22.5 RR-202 16 152L DOUBLE COIN
315/60R22.5 RLB-450 16 152L DOUBLE COIN
315/70R22,5 WINTER RSD-1 16 154L DOUBLE COIN
315/70R22.5 RR-202 16 152M DOUBLE COIN
315/80R22.5 RR-202 18 156M DOUBLE COIN
385/65R22.5 RLB-900+ 20 160K DOUBLE COIN


double coin advanced production equipments

Double Coin Tyre Manufacturer

Strong Tire skeleton for Tires, the special rubber compound and tyre body contrustruction combines together. Low rolling resistance and fuel efficiency, also the sidewall is with flexible ribs and can prevent outside damage.. The robust carcas makes tyre retread well be protected. Double Coin tires are cost effective in terms of km-price ratio.

Double Coin TBR OTR Full lines of Quality Products

Double Coin truck tyres & OTR tires are well designed to meet world overloading and long standing requiments.

double coin poster
double coin tire rough roads

Double Coin Tyre Challenge The Tough Roads

Double Coin OTR Tires are retreadable and reliable due to the unique rubber compound and innovation technolgoy , and the tyre life span is extended greatly.


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