HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Manufacturer & Supplier from China

We manufacture and supply High Quality Truck Tyre brands: HAIDA, COPARTNER, LIGHTEN.

  • State-owned Enterprise
  • Various Designs for Tyre Sizes and Patterns
  • High Quality for Truck Tyres with warranty
  • Nice tyre appearance, Market popular Selling

High quality Truck Tire HAIDA/COPARTNER Supplier in China-QINGDAO Bonway

HAIDA, COPARTNER Truck Tyres are high quality tyre products from Sichuan Rubber CO.,Ltd which is state-owned Enterprise.

Truck Tyres & Bus Tyres also short for TBR tyre, which is mainly used for truck and bus commercial Vehichles. Also TBR tyres structure are steel wire, the tyre body is enhanced thus the overloading performance and mileage distance is well improved.

At Bonway, we provides full series truck tyres covers all position, drive, steer, trailer, mid-short distance & mixed road condtions, mining areas and mid-long distance Highway using and winter/snow all weather tyres.

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Patterns

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HAIDA CP969 pattern is  steer trailer pattern for radial tubeless tyres 11R22.5 11R24.5 315/80R22.5 295/80R22.5. The Groove lines have good steering performance and it has good application on both dry and wet roads. The tyre sidewall is strengthend and with longer mileage.


HAIDA CP268 Pattern is classic drive pattern for tube tires sizes. The anti-abrasion resistance and low heating & anit-puncture performance is super good. Good traction for driving wheels. Avalable sizes are in 750R16 825R16 900R20 1100R20 1200R20 1200R24.


CP169 pattern is special with four grooves and the sltant-edge provides tyres with very good drainage and grip performance in LTR & TRAILER tires. Avaliable sizes are in 750R6LT 825R16LT 9.5R17.5 ST225/90R16 ST235/85R16 ST235/80R16.


CP168 pattern is classic zigzag pattenr and sutiable for all position wheels, the transveral & open tire shoulers provides very strong gripping ability. Avaliable sizes in 650R16 700R16 750R16 825R16 900R20 100R20 1100R20 1200R20 1200R24 11R22.5 12R22.5 13R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5


CP158 Pattern is classic drive pattern for tubelss tires, the block pattern groove have better driving performance, the self-cleaning performance is very good and heat dissipation is satisfying drivers. Avaliable sizes are in 11R22.5 11R24.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5.


CP183 pattern is optimized pattern which shoulder rigitidty and tire wear resistance is improved, the grooves can prevent stones from traping and the block support performance is excellent. Sizes availabe in 750R16 900R20 1000R20 1100R20 1200R20 275/80R22.5 12R22.5 13R22.5


CP762 is 3 Block pattern with Optimized block with wider longitudinal and transverse grooves which improves a lot the anti traction and anti-wear resistance. Popular in Africa, Central Asia, Latin American countries. Avaliable sizes are 13R22.5 12R22.5 11R22.5 295/80R22.5 1100R20 1200R20.


Butterfly pattern CP269 is with Deeper pattern with formulation of abrasion resistance and low heating performance for longer miles and anti-puncture performance. Popular in Southeast Asia & Africa, Latin American countries. avaliable in sizes 12R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 13R22.5.


Snow pattern CP152 is designed by a special formula and it has excellent snow grip performance and anti-skid effect, very popular in North American roads in Canada & USA. Sizes avaliable in 11R22.5 11R24.5 295/75R22.5

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Advantages

added service
State-Owned Entperprise

State-Owned Entperprise and strong in rubber and tyre supply chain.

various designs
Strong R&D

HAIDA tyre have strong R&D engineering Team.

competitive prices
Added Value

HAIDA/COPARTNER truck tyres are cost-effective and can compete with world known brands.

quality warranty
Constant Development

HAIDA is updating the moulds and tyre sizes every year. So the tyre family is more popular and accepted by market.


Haid Tyer group is large-scale national designated backbone enterprise in Sichuan integrating the research and development, operation and production of commercial vehicle tires and passenger car tires. It is also the largest demonstration base of the R&D and manufacturing of commercial radial tires and passenger car radial tires in Sichuan.

haida factory
HAIDA TBR mining pattern poster

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Mining Pattern

HAIDA, COPARTNER offers a full range of truck tyres covering mid-short distance, long haul, mining patterns.

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyres Full Sizes and Patterns

HAIDA Rubber Tire Group is a national large-scale enterprise designated by the state, which combines the research and development, operation and production of commercial vehicle tires and passenger car tires in Sichuan Province, and the research and development and production of radial tires for commercial vehicles and radial tires for passenger cars in western China. It offers full ranges of truck tyres sizes with various patterns.


HAIDA Truck Tyres Production Equipments

kapsen production 570x360

HAIDA tyre group have HAIDA, COPARTNER, LIGHTEN, YINLU truck tyre brands and HAIDA, MILKING Car tyre brands. The tyre group is taking advanced technology and with world-class advanced production equipments.

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Loading and shipping

copartner tyre 570
haida truck tyre 570x360
haida truck tyre 570x360-1
HAIDA Tyres by truck loading 570x360

HAIDA Truck Tyre Newly Released Tyre Size and Patterns

315 80r22.5-22pr cp776
315/80R22.5-22PR CP776

HAIDA COPARTNER Truck tires Popular for Russia, Latin American countries
HD776 CP776 Dump truck tires 12r22.5 315/80r22.5 315/80r 22.5 315-80-22.5 lug size cross lug 12R22.5-18PR HD776/CP776 315/80R22.5-20PR HD776/CP776

11r22.5 snow tire front_500x500
Snow truck Tyres CP152

Snow truck Tyres CP152 is designed for winter snow truck tyres. The tyres have very good handling and braking performance at winter snow roads.

10.00R20 Truck Tyres Overloading Design CP183

Overloading Design 180% for Bangladesh market & Srilanka Market

Super performance at mixed roads and overloading performance.

HAIDA TBR-1_1910x550 banner
HAIDA/COPARTNER High Quality Truck Tyre Manufacturer from China-BOWNAY

We supply HAIDA, COPARTNER, LIGHTEN brand truck tyres at wholesale prices, directly from factory.

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Sizes and Images

COPARTNER and HAIDA brand TBR Sizes list
No. Sizes Pattern Stuffing /40’HQ  (set/pcs) ECE NO. Pattern depth(mm)
1 6.50R16-12PR HD/CP160 800 E4-0043238 11
2 HD/CP168 E4-0043237 12
3 7.00R16-14PR HD/CP160 750 E4-0038637 12
4 CP/HD168 E4-0024747 12
5 CP/HD268 E4-0026126 13.5
6 CP/HD989
7 CP/HD768
8 7.50R16-16PR CP/HD168 740 E4-0025225 12.5
9 CP/HD168         (Indonisia) E4-0025225 12.5
10 CP/HD169 E4-0025658 /E4-0024747(TL) 12
11 CP/HD268 E4-0026127 15
12 CP/HD768 E4-0026128 17
13 8.25R16-16PR CP/HD168 500 E4-0025225 14
14 CP/HD169 E4-0025658 13
15 CP/HD268 E4-0024129 15.5
16 CP/HD769(T) E4-0026130 18
17 CP/HD765(T)
18 8.25R20-16PR CP/HD168 350 E4-0024749 15
19 CP/HD268 / 17.5
20 CP/HD788(T) / 18
21 9.00R20-16PR CP/HD168 320 E4-0024750 15.5
22 CP/HD268 / 19
23 CP/HD765
24 CP/HD767 / 23
25 CP/HD788(T)
26 10.00R20-18PR CP/HD168 270 E4-0024751 16.5
27 CP/HD168 (Indonisia)
28 CP/HD183-K 17.5
29 CP/HD268 E4-0024751 19
30 CP/HD769 E4-0043239 24
31 CP/HD767 E4-0043239
32 CP/HD788
33 CP/HD969
35 11.00R20-18PR CP/HD168 240 E4-0024752 17
36 CP/HD165
37 CP/HD263(T) E4-0024752 18
38 CP/HD268 E4-0024752 20.5
39 CP/HD767 / 24.5
40 CP/HD769 / 25
41 CP/HD788(T) E4-0038634
42 12.00R20-18PR CP/HD168 230 E4-0025660 17.5
43 CP/HD183
44 CP/HD183-K
45 CP/HD268 E4-0025226 21
46 CP/HD268-K
47 CP/HD263(T) E4-0026024 19
48 CP/HD263(T)-K
49 CP/HD767 / 25.5
50 CP/HD769 / 25
51 CP/HD762 E4-54R-0032966 20.5
52 CP/HD788(T) E4-0038636
53 CP/HD788(T)-K
54 CP/HD789(T) / 24.2
55 CP/HD789(T)-K
56 6.00R14LT-10PR HD160/CP160 860 10.5
57 6.00R14LT-10PR HD765/CP765 12.5
58 6.00R15LT-10PR HD160/CP160 820 11
59 6.00R15LT-10PR HD765/CP765 12.5
60 8R22.5-14PR CP/HD969 600 / 13.5
61 9R22.5-14PR CP/HD969 350 E4-0045206 13.5
62 10R22.5-16PR CP/HD969 320 E4-0045207 15
63 11R22.5-16PR CP/HD167 270 E4-0030260 17
64 CP/HD168 15
65 CP969/HD968 E4-0024753 14.5
66 CP/HD965 E4-0024753 14.5
67 CP/HD158 E4-0030260 19
68 CP/HD183
69 12R22.5-18PR CP969/HD968 240 E4-0025227 17
70 CP/HD167 / 17
71 CP/HD167-A
72 CP/HD158 E4-0025660 20.5
73 CP/HD928 / 15
74 CP/HD965 E4-0025227 15
75 CP/HD162
76 CP/HD162-G
77 CP/HD186-G
78 CP/HD262(T) / 20.5
79 CP/HD262-G
80 CP/HD269-G
81 CP929/HD929
82 CP988/HD988
83 CP988/HD988-G
84 CP989/HD989-G
85 CP358/HD358
86 CP929/HD929
87 CP926/HD926
88 CP958/HD958
95 9.5R17.5-16PR CP169/HD169 550 E4-0039140 12
96 CP261/HD261 E4-0039140 14.5
97 205/75R17.5-10PR CP/HD962 910 E4-0030267 11.5
98 215/75R17.5-16PR CP/HD962 750 E4-0030268 13
99 235/75R17.5-16PR CP/HD962 560 E4-0030269 13
100 215/70R17.5-16PR CP180 810 E4-002242327 11
101 225/80R17.5 CP989/HD989 560 11
102 CP285/HD285 13
103 225/70R19.5-14PR CP/HD260+ 500 17
104 245/70R19.5-14PR CP/HD966 500 E4-0030270 14
105 245/70R19.5-14PR CP/HD260+ 490 17
106 265/70R19.5-14PR/16PR CP/HD260 440 E4-0044333 16.3
107 275/70R22.5-16PR HD928/CP928 296 E4-0044334 14.5
108 295/60R22.5-18PR HD989/CP989 310
109 1122.5-14PR/16PR CPD/HDD728 270 E4-0043236 20.5
110 CPS/HDS228 E4-0024753
111 CPT/HDT128 E4-0024753 10.5
115  255/70R22.5-16PR CP/HD168 380 14.5
116 CPS/HDS226 13.5
123 ST225/90R16-16PR CP169/HD169 710 12
124 ST 225/75R15-16PR CP182/HD182 900 9.5
125 ST 235/80R16-14PR CP182/HD182 680 12
126 CP169/HD169 9.5
127 ST 235/85R16-16PR CP161/HD161 680 12
128 CP169/HD169 9.5
129 295/80R22.5-18PR CP/HD769 260 19.5
130 CP/HD762 E4-0035038 21.5
131 CP969++/HD968 E4-0025661 15
132 CP/HD961 E4-0025661 15
133 CP/HD963 E4-0025661 15
134 CP/HD158 E4-0026023 20.5
135 CP/HD157 E4-0026023 20.5
136 CP/HD269
137 295/80R22.5-20PR CP/HD769 260
138 CP/HD762
139 CP969++/HD968
140 CP/HD157
141 315/80R22.5-20PR CP969/HD968 240 E4-0025662 16.5
142 CP929/HD929
143 CP/HD962 E4-0025662 15
144 CP/HD168 E4-0025662 16
145 CP/HD261 19.5
146 CP/HD580 E4-0025662 17
147 CP/HD580++ / 17
148 CP/HD158 E4-0026131 20.5
149 CP/HD157 E4-0025662 20.5
150 CP/HD963 E4-0025662 15
151 315/80R22.5-22PR CP/HD168 230 E4-0042932 16.5
152 CP/HD261 230 19.5
153 CP/HD269-G 230
154 CP/HD580++ 230 / 17
155 315/70R22.5-18PR CP/HD963 240 E4-0030266 16.5
156 CP/HD157
157 385/65R22.5-20PR CP/HD587 200 E4-0025663 15.5
158 CP/HD586 200 E4-0025663 15.5

HAIDA Truck Tyres have passed many international tyre certifications such as ISO9001, DOT,GCC, ECE, SONCAP, SNI, etc.. Also we can do BV, INTERTEK, SGS, COTECNA, CCIC inspection according to customer demands.


  • “We import HAIDA truck tyres from BONWAY company, they are very reliable and honest, we always enjoy latest market upate from China and HAIDA Tyres have super strong over loading and anti-wear resistance performance “

    Philipe from Indonesia
  • “HAIDA, COPARTNER 11R22.5 12R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 are nice tyres , they have many patterns to choose, our customers like them very much”

    Daniel from Bolivia
  • “We are buying 11R22.5 11R24.5 snow truck tyres HAIDA brand from Bonway and the tyres have very good handling performance at snow roads. “

    Adam from Vancouver, Canada

HAIDA/COPARTNER Truck Tyre Manufacturer from China

If you are looking for reliable high quality truck tyre brand with reasonable prices, then HAIDA, COPARTNER is well trusted. Keep reading for the payment terms, quality warranty, shipping terms for HAIDA truck tyres, any questions, welcome for asking more details.

What is your shipping terms for HAIDA, COPARTNER truck tyres?

We can do FOB, CIF, CFR, DDP, DDU ,etc..

What is your delivery time for HAIDA/COPARTNER truck tyres ?

We can arrange the delivery for common truck tyre size and patterns within 10 days. And for new production, it will be around 20 days.

Does HAIDA tyre have quality warranty?

Yes, all tyres for HAIDA, COPARTNER enjoy the quality warranty policy. Any claim for tyres due to the manufacturing defects, the factory will be responsible.

What is payment terms for importing HAIDA truck tyres?

30% deposit by T.T. and balance paid before container loading.

Can we mix HAIDA truck tyres with other products like tube and flap and auto parts?

Yes, we can mix HAIDA, COPARTNER truck tyres with car tyres, tube, flap and other auto parts or building materials.

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