Pattern Characteristics:

  • Special Abrasion resistance and good traction;
  • All season use;
  • Designed for graders and cranes with special use on ice and snow
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Tire Size Star Rating Tread Depth Load Index & Speed Symbol TRA Code Tube Type Standard Rim (Rim Width & Flange)
15.5R25 2 star 25mm 176/160 L2-E2 Tubeless 12.00/1.3
17.5R25 2 star 28mm 182/167 L3-E3 Tubeless 14.00/1.5
20.5R25 2 star 31mm 193/177 L3-E3 Tubeless 17.00/2.0
23.5R25 2 star 34mm 201/185 L3-E3 Tubeless 19.50/2.5
26.5R25 2 star 37mm 209/193 L3-E3 Tubeless 22.0/3.0
29.5R25 2 star 43.5mm 216/200 L3 Tubeless 25.00/3.5
1600R25 2 star 28mm 174/177 E2 Tubeless 11.25/2.0

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