Shandong Tire Factory has also received a notice of curtailment of current production, and 50% of tire production capacity will be stopped. It is foreseeable that tire prices will continue to rise. This year, the export sea freight rate has continued to rise, and the bulk of raw materials (carbon black, steel cord, chemical components used in tires, etc.) have also risen sharply. The sooner the shipment is arranged, the sooner the cost will be saved.

It is reported that the second round of the fourth batch of environmental protection inspectors has started environmental inspections on two major central enterprises in five provinces including Shandong and Guangdong. All of them have now settled in, and a series of environmental protection rectifications have been carried out. Textile companies have always been representatives of “high energy consumption”. Under the “dual control” policy and environmental supervision, many production companies have been affected. From six days off and one day off, to four days off and three days off, to two days off and five days off, the intensity of orderly power usage is becoming more and more strict, and the difficulty for enterprises is also increasing.

Although there were power cuts across the country in December of last year and May of this year, the scope and length of the power cuts did exceed many people’s expectations. In particular, many companies have relatively flat orders, and the Mid-Autumn Festival simply put a long holiday, but unexpectedly encountered a wave of production suspension after the festival, and the bosses have been completely awake.

Guangdong: Major industrial towns such as Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Foshan, etc. began to curtail power and stop production

In Dongguan, factories generally received notices of two openings and five stoppages. Zhongshan, Guangdong, enterprises below designated size opened one stop six, above designated size opened two stop five, and high-end premium insurance companies opened four stop three. The Guangdong Power Grid notice shows that from September 16th the implementation of the “on-two and five-stop” power curtailment measures, during the peak stagger period, the security load remains below 15% of the total load, and the peak stagger time is 7:00-23:00. If you don’t cooperate, you will face a 10-day seizure!


Jiangsu implements power rationing in some areas

Starting from September 15th, the tentative power cut will be implemented for 15 days. During the period, industrial electricity was pulled out, and household electricity was retained, office air-conditioning was disabled, and street light control was halved. Nantong took the lead in power curtailment. Currently, other regions in Jiangsu Province have begun to curtail power, and 2000 chemical plants will be temporarily shut down.

Judging from a summary of the production suspension time from a printing and dyeing report from Wujiang, Jiangsu, companies generally start two operations and stop two operations. In Nantong, some companies have issued a 17-day holiday notice.


Reasons for power cuts and blackouts?

There is only one reason for power restrictions and power outages: too much power consumption! The sudden increase in power consumption has exhausted the one-year power generation plan.

Why is the country’s electricity consumption soaring suddenly? In the final analysis, it is because of the impact of the epidemic. The spread of the epidemic has knocked down the global economy, especially in processing kingdoms such as India and Vietnam. The out-of-control of the epidemic has caused the stagnation of the manufacturing industry. Then global orders will naturally flood into China, and massive orders will be thrown over, and Chinese manufacturing companies have to work overtime to promote production! While mass production was being carried out, electricity consumption suddenly increased by 20.6%.