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AEOLUS Truck Tyre

Top Standards for Tire Production:

  • All Roads Application
  • 100% Warranty
  • aeolus tyre 295 steer_
  • eolus tyre 295_650x451
  • Aeolus-NEO-AllroadsD
  • Aeolus-NEO-AllroadsT2
  • aeolus tyre 295 steer_
  • eolus tyre 295_650x451
  • Aeolus-NEO-AllroadsD
  • Aeolus-NEO-AllroadsT2

AEOLUS PREIMUM TRUCK TYRE Model: 315/70R22.5 315/80R22.5 385/65R22.5 425/65R22.5 9.5R17.5 295/80R22.5

Aeolus Tyre manufacture high quality tyres and all tyres have warranty.


  • Longer mileage, durable, long distance in highway and mixed roads
  • Speical Formula compound to make tyre strong wear-resistance
  • Regular sizes & Patterns we have ready stock
  • Good performance on wet, snow Roads, off roads
  • Strong tire sekeleton & can Retread 2-3 times

Aeolus tyre patterns-1 aeolus tyre photo-2 radial otr tyre aeolus pattern

aeolus 570-6

Aeolus Tire Factory since 1965

AEOLUS tyre manufacturer with highest quality standards  OTR, TBR segements since 1965, the factory is Top 20 World Tire manufacturer and enjoy high reputation in tyre industry by it’s superior quality performance. The tyres are exported more than 150 countries in the world and it’s public listed company in stock exchange.

Aeolus Factory is taking green manufacturing process and pursuing Zero-Emissions since 2010s.

Aeolus NeoSeries Tyres with 2 years quality warranty

Reasons to Buy AEOLUS NeoSeries:

  •  The Aeolus NEO series are produced by European highest Standards
  • Avaliable stock for most common sizes and patterns
  • All  NEO series Tires have 2 years quality warranty 100%
aeolus tyre 570-1
aeolus 570-8

Aeolus is the best Tyres if you want high quality tyre with reasonable prices

Aeolus always pursue best balance between performance, quality and prices. With years experience, Aeolus manufacture highest level quality truck tyres and OTR tires under world level strictest standards.

AEOLUS has a wide range of tyres including truck and bus tires, off the road tires, agricultural tyres, military tires, etc..

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